Rental Equipment for Home Construction

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No two residential projects are the same. Lot sizes, terrains and timelines are only a few examples of variables from project to project. Design and building needs also fluctuate on a near-daily basis. Construction crews need to keep projects on track regardless of these changes. However, they can only do so when they have the right equipment.

In the residential construction industry, renting equipment boosts site productivity. The right rental equipment ensures the right people can do the proper work at the correct phase of the project. No downtimes, no limbo. Just an ultra-efficient construction crew outfitted with the building construction products they need.

At MacAllister Rentals, we pride ourselves on getting contractors the equipment they need when and where they need it. Here is our guide to the top equipment necessary for a successful residential project.

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Benefits of Renting Equipment for Home Construction

People now rent more than 50 percent of construction equipment in the United States. Analysts predict this trend will grow in the next three years. Today’s steadier national housing market has led to increased investment in property development, including residential construction projects. The improved home-building market directly correlates with growth in the rental equipment market.

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To capitalize on this momentum, you need the right equipment. You can buy that equipment, but renting it has several benefits.

  • rental benefitsRented equipment is more varied. Rather than investing money to buy, store and maintain only a handful of machines, renting assures any and every machine or tool you need is available. That also means different-sized equipment, plus various attachments, are on call and on demand.
  • Rented equipment is more accessible. With renting, your operations maintain financial flexibility and readily available cash flows. You can partner with a local or regional equipment dealer for ongoing rental needs and consulting services.
  • Rented equipment is well-maintained and ultra-reliable. Rental companies are responsible for servicing and maintaining all heavy equipment. That includes everything from fluid changes and analysis to lubrication and part replacements. Available rental units receive regular inspections plus usage hours documentation. Those with higher work hours get rotated or replaced, ensuring clients receive only the best.
  • Rented equipment is the latest and safest. Rented equipment is more likely to have the industry’s latest technology and upgrades. These include dashboard diagnostics, condition monitoring and equipment management software. You don’t need to worry about non-compliance with safety or environmental efficiency.
  • Rented equipment can get delivered. Equipment rental companies like MacAllister Rentals deliver construction products to you. That saves you money on transportation costs and oversight. Since residential worksites are often scattered, it’s one less thing on your shoulders and one more benefit for your bottom line.

Heavy Equipment Used in Home Building and Residential Construction

Breaking ground on your residential worksites requires equipment that works as hard as you do.

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MacAllister Rentals supplies all the necessary equipment for residential projects. We can outfit the following rental machines and keep your construction projects moving.

1. Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts come in over half a dozen varieties, enabling you to find the kind ideally suited to your project’s needs. They can help you complete your aerial work safely and efficiently, whether you’re operating in a confined space or an open outdoor environment. Our residential construction partners often use the following.

  • Straight telescopic booms: Straight telescopic booms are an ideal elevated workstation for home-building sites. They provide a straight and sturdy lift and have the longest horizontal reach of any aerial platform. They can easily reach two to four stories high. Their single-arm frame is also easy to steer because it moves only in one direction.
  • Articulated knuckle booms: The double-arm, Z-style build of the articulated knuckle boom gives it an “up-and-over” mobility. The boom-segment arm can operate independently of the other arm to avoid vertical obstacles. With an extended reach of up to 141 feet, articulated knuckle booms don’t sacrifice height for their independent mobility. They’re ideal for aerial work on taller residential projects like condominiums and apartment buildings.

2. Telehandlers

A telehandler can handle almost anything, and can lift materials and supplies to the second floor or the roof of a building with ease. Most units have maximum lifting capacities of more than a ton.

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The broad bases of telehandlers make them the go-to for rocky or uneven construction terrains. We also have compact telehandler units available for rent. These units are ideal for maneuvering within smaller, tightly packed residential construction zones.

You can also fit telehandlers with attachments, such as buckets and grapples. These attachments maximize their versatility and amplify the work you can do with a single piece of equipment.

3. Excavators

Excavators are essential for residential construction projects. We have a wide range of excavators available for rent, so you can be sure you’ll find the excavator that’s right for your project.

Our hydraulic excavators come in a range of sizes. For hard-to-reach areas or deep digs, long-reach units provide the necessary digging power. You can also choose between wheeled and tracked excavators based on your worksite slopes and terrain.

Close-radius and mini excavators alike are particularly useful in residential settings. Construction in the heart of a pre-developed area will require the maneuverability of the close-radius hydraulic excavator, while mini excavators move through small spaces without a hitch. Both units have impressive power and digging strength, despite their compact sizes.

For home construction, excavators perform the following key functions:

  • Digging footers and utility lines
  • Excavating basements
  • Ditch cleaning and clearing
  • Evening terrain and landscaping
  • Stump extraction

4. Skid Loaders

Skid loaders play a crucial role in residential construction. They’re perfect for finishing work for yards and driveways. They can also be useful for digging, hauling, lifting and dumping organic and construction materials throughout a project.

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With operating capacities between 500 to 2,700 pounds and a wide array of available attachments, MacAllister Rentals has the skid loaders you need. You don’t have to worry about paying for a machine that is too large or too small for the job. We offer a range of attachment tools, including everything from augers, edgers and trenchers to vibrating plows, stump grinders and sod cutters.

In addition to traditional skid steer loaders, we have electric compact skid loaders. The SHERPA 100ECO Electric Skid Steer has a front-mounted two-horsepower electric motor and a 360-ampere battery pack and can run for up to eight hours. Using an electric skid steer allows you to work indoors and reduce manual labor without worrying about harmful exhaust fumes.

5. Bulldozers

Cat® bulldozers have a well-deserved reputation for durability, reliability and fuel efficiency. You can get all these benefits and more by renting a bulldozer from MacAllister Rentals. You can use a bulldozer to assist in early preparation of your residential construction site, including evening terrain, clearing lanes and passages, leveling the ground and developing the driveway. Dozing operations also include earth moving and material handling while on site.

MacAllister Rentals’ fleet of bulldozers each carry upgraded operator cabs and are simple to train on. We have machines ranging from the 73-horsepower D3 to the 96-horsepower D5LGP. You can attach various work tools to your bulldozers to enhance their functionality. Through the use of attachments, one machine can do the work of many.

6. Backhoes

Loading and unloading supplies. Handling earth, dirt, gravel and stone. Digging footers and trenchers. Backfilling holes in the plot. Backhoes do it all on home development sites — and then some.

Renting a backhoe as part of your residential construction equipment fleet is a smart decision. With a range of unit sizes and specifications, you’ll find models that are perfect for your needs — not so large they disrupt other equipment and workers, but not so small they lose their powerful capabilities.

backhoe rental

Our fleet of rental backhoes also offers precision handling and quick-coupling systems for intuitive tool attachments. Your crew will find them easy to use and operate to expedite many tasks, maximizing their time and energy as well as daily output.

7. Cranes

Carry deck cranes are another type of equipment often seen on residential sites. They perform vital lifting tasks and can handle loads between two and a half to 18 tons, depending on the model.

From situating basement walls to lifting and moving rafters, a carry deck crane provides “pick-and-carry” motions for lift and placement assist. Its low-profile build maneuvers around obstacles and limited space with ease.

MacAllister Rentals offers carry deck crane accessories amplifying the capabilities of these machines. Boom extensions help lift loads higher, while work lights keep lifting work visible and operations running even without natural lighting.

8. Air Compressors

Pneumatic worksite tools and their portable air compressors are lighter, last longer and carry a higher power-to-weight ratio than their electric or hydraulic cousins. They’re staples at residential worksites, delivering consistent and reliable pressurization to power a full kit of work tools.

That’s not the end of the benefits of air compression in construction, though. They’re also safer. Eliminating the risk of electrical circuits, currents or components improves operator safety, particularly if inclement weather strikes or power surges.

For air-powered work tools on your residential construction site, you can select from compact and heavy-duty air compressor frames depending on your needs:

  • Compact air compressors are towable and lightweight. With a quieter operation and a smaller duty cycle, these units are ideal for construction sites located in already developed residential areas where noise reduction or relief is essential. However, they don’t sacrifice steady air pressure delivery rates for their quiet operation.
  • Industrial or semi-industrial air compressors are also available through MacAllister Rentals. These larger frames rest atop more durable beds that are sturdy enough for the rough terrains of home construction lots, as well as harsh weather, wind and temperatures.

9. Generators

If you need temporary portable power, you can rely on generator rental units from MacAllister Rentals. Generators provide essential flexibility that can be critical to getting home construction projects done on schedule.Whether a power outage strikes, you’re working at night or your worksite is in a particularly “off-the-grid” location, portable generators ensure you have a go-to power source. You’ll avoid interruptions and downtime, enabling you to stay on schedule.

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Our generator rental fleet includes everything from portable 1,000 W Honda generators to 30 kW towable units. Whatever your portable power needs, we can help you find the right unit for you.

10. Contractor Tools

MacAllister Rentals carries contractor tools alongside its fleet of low-hour heavy equipment and machinery. These pieces of equipment are just as crucial on a residential development site as earthmoving equipment rentals. They include a line of specialized equipment for everything from HVAC work to electrical work to concrete, roofing, siding and masonry.

Consider renting the following contractor tools:

  • Power buggies serve as today’s upgraded, contemporary version of the worksite wheelbarrow. They hold and haul materials wherever needed.
  • Space heaters provide area heating for worker comfort during colder months.
  • Fans and ventilation blowers are ideal for interior home construction areas with limited air circulation.
  • Mortar mixers prepare grout, stucco or plaster.
  • Concrete mixers combine water, cement and aggregate.
  • Pressure washers provide expert surface cleaning on stone, brick, masonry, concrete, siding and even equipment.

11. Trenchers

When working on a home construction project, you’ll need to dig trenches for electric, cable and telephone lines, as well as gas and water pipes. Having the right trencher on hand for these parts of the project can make your trenching go more quickly and help you ensure it’s accurate.

At MacAllister Rentals, we have several trencher options, including:

  • Ride-on trenchers, which are self-propelled and include a platform on which the operator stands
  • Walk-behind trenchers, which are manually powered and are ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Attachment Cat trenchers, which you can install on a range of other Cat equipment, including skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders and more

We offer trenchers with a variety of maximum trenching depths and widths. We can help you find the machine that’s perfect for the unique requirements of your job.

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12. Light Compactors

MacAllister Rentals offers a wide variety of light compactor rental options. Making sure you have the right equipment for backfilling around foundations, backfilling utility trenches, base compaction for basement floors and other tasks can that can help increase the efficiency and accuracy of your work. Light compactor options we offer include:

  • Jumping jacks, also called rammers, are perfect for working in tight spaces. You can use them when working soils and other granular materials.
  • Trench rollers are specially designed for working within a trench and compacting backfill that consists of granular soil.
  • Tamping rammers provide superior maneuverability when working in confined spaces and are ideal for backfilling and trench work.
  • Plate compactors are useful for compacting asphalt as well as granular soils, and can reach tight spaces along buildings.

Turn to MacAllister Rentals For Your Next Building Construction Product Rental

With our wide range of flexible, durable, low-hour work tools, attachments and equipment, MacAllister Rentals can help you make your work easier without sacrificing quality. We have one of the largest and most dynamic fleets of residential construction equipment in Indiana, Michigan and beyond. Our clients count on us to help them keep their projects on time and within budget.

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We provide information and support to contractors, builders and construction management to ensure we meet their exact project and equipment needs, including product specs and features as well as available equipment attachments.

Request a rental quote or contact us directly to see what cost savings and convenience we can bring to your operations through construction equipment rental.

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