Straight Telescopic Boom Rental


Need to reach high heights for your next project? Our straight telescopic boom lift rentals can get the job done. With heights of up to 185 feet, they can reach high workspaces with ease. We offer straight telescopic boom lifts from leading brands like JLG and Genie. And with locations across Michigan and Indiana, we make it easy to find the right lift model and make, though availability may vary by location – contact us for details.

400S 40′ 7′ 7″ 7′ 10″ NO 12650 58 psi
S40 40′ 8′ 8′ 2″ NO 12,300
S45 45′ 8′ 8′ 2″ YES 15,200
460SJ 46′ 7′ 7″ 7′ 10″ YES 15850 58 psi
S60 58′ 4″ 8′ 8′ 11″ NO 20,570
600S 60′ 7′ 11″ 8′ 5″ NO 22750 67 psi
600SJ 60′ 7′ 11″ 8′ 5″ YES 23900 70 psi
600SC* 60′ 8′ 2″ 8′ 5″ NO 22500 6 psi
S65 65′ 8′ 8′ 11″ YES 22,100
660SJ 66′ 7′ 11″ 8′ 5″ YES 27600 75 psi
800S 80′ 8′ 2″ 9′ 11″ NO 33200 72 psi
S85 85′ 8′ 9′ 2″ YES 37,000
860SJ 86′ 8′ 2″ 9′ 11″ YES 36400 81 psi
1200SJP 120′ 8′ 2″ ** 10′ YES 40900 99 psi
S125 125′ 2″ 8′ 10′ 1″ YES 44,640
1350SJP 135′ 8′ 2″ ** 10′ YES 45000 107 psi
1500SJ 150′ 8′ 2″ ** 10′ YES 48000 113 psi
S180 180′ 8′ 10′ YES 54,000
1850SJ 185′ 8′ 2″ *** 10′ YES 60300 120 psi
  • All of the above units are available with a diesel engine. Those smaller than 80′ are available with dual fuel running on gas or propane.
  • * The 600SC and 66SJC are mounted on a steel track undercarriage.
  • ** On the 1200SJP and 1350SJP, the axles must extend out to 12′ 6″ in width for the boom to operate.
  • *** On the 1850SJ Ultra Boom, the axles must be extended out to 16′ 6″ in width for the boom to operate.
  • Availability may vary by location – give us a call at (877) 700-1945 or contact us online for details.
  • Machine specs can vary from model year to model year. Consult the serial plate and/or operators & safety manual for accurate machine specs.

What Is a Straight Telescopic Boom Lift?

Straight telescopic boom lifts, or stick booms, feature a single arm. They’re a common alternative to articulated booms, which can be more difficult to use because of their multiple sections. Stick booms, in comparison, are easier to control because their boom only moves in one direction.

Stick booms have the greatest horizontal reach of all aerial platforms. Because of their high reach, straight telescopic booms have a wider base than other lifts. Base widths are between eight to 10 feet, depending on the model of your straight telescopic boom rental.

Telescopic boom lift rentals are available with various tire options to meet the needs of different job sites. Tire options include rough-terrain tires, which allow your equipment to travel across gravel and shale. Other accessories for our straight telescopic boom rentals include:

  • Light kit
  • Welder ready package
  • Tool tray
  • Tow kit

Why Rent a Straight Telescopic Boom Lift?

Renting a telescopic boom lift is becoming a more common choice for companies and contractors because of their many versatile uses. Uses for telescopic boom rentals include:

  • Building construction, maintenance or cleaning
  • Electrical, lighting or sign repairs
  • Inspecting bridges
  • Maintaining buildings

Reasons for renting one of these lifts instead of buying include:

  • Temporary projects that require reaching extreme heights
  • Limited number of jobs that require working in tight spaces
  • Seasonal tasks where a telescopic boom lift is needed

Some small and large businesses also choose to rent because they can lower their maintenance and storage costs. Renting is a smart decision when you rarely use a straight telescopic boom lift — for example, if you only need it seasonally or for a single project.

At MacAllister Rentals, we make the rental process easy. Our family-owned business is made up of lift experts who can help you find a straight telescopic boom lift for rent that meets your project’s needs.

How to Rent a Straight Telescopic Boom Lift

Renting a straight telescopic boom lift is a simple process with our experienced team. In addition to offering advice, we also provide individual quotes based on your project’s job site, duration and more. Contact us for more information or to start finding your telescopic boom rental.

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