Why MacAllister?

article-content-7Ask any of our loyal customers, and you will hear the following:

Newest, most reliable fleet of equipment anywhere.

We know you’re taking a chance when you call in a rental from the jobsite. The machine that shows up must be reliable and it must be efficient. That is why, with MacAllister, there are no surprises. We have the most up-to-date equipment fleet that you will find at any rental house in the state. When you rent from MacAllister, you can expect a Cat. Not a dog.

Indiana-based, family-owned business.

When you need help, MacAllister is right around the corner. When you need an answer, we don’t have to make phone calls to corporate offices in different parts of the country. We are an Indiana business and all of our people are right here to support you.

Personalized service.

With our large sales force and rental branches in 11 different Indiana locations, there will always be a representative willing to help you in person. MacAllister doesn’t just want to be another vendor on the list, we want to be your partner. We are in business to ease your pain.

Flexible reliability.

MacAllister is renowned for unparalleled customer service. We know that there are no two identical jobs and circumstances are constantly changing. Let us know how we can help before, during, and after your project, and you will be more than pleased with our considerate and courteous response.

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