Articulating Boom Lift Rental


At MacAllister Rentals, we offer a wide selection of JLG and Genie articulating boom lift rentals. JLG and Genie are the best in the business when it comes to lifts. They’re reliable and durable, and they provide the performance to get the job done. And with working heights of up to 141 feet, our articulating lift rentals are sure to make your job easier.

With locations across Michigan and Indiana, it’s easy to find an available boom lift rental near you. Equipment make and model availability may vary by location, so contact us for details.

Z30/20N 30′ 3′ 11″ 6′ 10″ NO 14,170
340AJ 33′ 10″ 6′ 4″ 6′ 7″ YES 9700 151
Z34/22N 34′ 6″ 4′ 10″ 7′ 5″ NO 11,400
Z40/23N 40′ 5″ 4′ 11″ 6′ 6″ NO 15,230
450A 45′ 6′ 10″ 7′ 5″ NO 15100 35
450AJ 45′ 6′ 10″ 7′ 5″ YES 16000 36
Z45/25RT 45′ 10″ 7′ 6″ 7′ NO 13,100
600A 60′ 8′ 8′ 4″ NO 22150 77
600AJ 60′ 8′ 8′ 4″ YES 24100 75
Z60/34 60′ 4″ 8′ 1″ 8′ 10″ NO 22,520
Z80/60 78′ 8′ 2″ 9′ 10″ NO 35,900
800A 80′ 8′ 9′ 10″ NO 34300 76
800AJ 80′ 8′ 9′ 10″ YES 34300 76
1250AJP 125′ 8′ 2″ * 10′ YES 44000 100
Z135/70 135′ 8′ 1″ 10′ 1″ NO 44,900
  • All of the above units are available with a diesel engine. Those smaller than 80′ are available with dual fuel running on gas or propane.
  • **On the 1250SJP the axles must extend out to 12′ 6″ in width for the boom to operate.
  • Machine specs can vary from model year to model year. Consult the serial plate and/or operators & safety manual for accurate machine specs.
  • Availability may vary by location – give us a call at (877) 700-1945 or contact us online for details.

What Is an Articulating Boom Lift?

Articulating boom lifts have a small footprint, but a big reach. They’re a Z-style aerial lift, meaning the boom sections of their arm can move independently so you can maneuver the next section to go around or over obstacles. For this reason, they’re sometimes called up-and-over booms.

They’re ideal for hard-to-reach and small areas because of their design, zero tail swing and small base. Many articulating lift rentals are also compatible with boom extensions or a jib. These extensions let you add another section to extend your reach even further.

Other compatible accessories for boom lifts that can make your job easier include:

  • Work lights
  • Tool tray
  • Self-closing gate
  • AC generator

Our boom lifts for rent are either battery- or diesel-powered. Different power options help you meet your project needs. Indoor projects in a closed area, for example, benefit from a battery-powered articulating boom rather than a diesel-powered one.

If your next project includes tight spaces and obstacles, then an articulating boom lift is likely the right lift to get the job done.

Why Rent an Articulating Boom Lift?

Small contractors and businesses rent boom lifts for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common uses of up-and-over booms include:

  • Roof Work
  • Building construction
  • Mechanical, electrical or other maintenance work

Industrial facilities, like a steel or automotive plant, often need an articulating boom lift because their building has piping and machinery that can make some areas tough to reach during seasonal maintenance. Other conditions for renting an articulating boom lift include:

  • Congested or tight work areas that would be difficult for other lifts to reach
  • Short-term, seasonal or infrequent need of an up-and-over lift
  • Indoor projects with various obstacles

Renting an articulating lift is also helpful if you’re looking to lower your maintenance and storage costs, as well as the time you spend repairing and maintaining your equipment. If a business only does seasonal maintenance, for example, owning an up-and-over lift is more time-consuming than renting one.

How to Rent an Articulating Boom Lift

Finding a boom lift rental near you is easy. At MacAllister Rentals, we have locations in Indiana and Michigan. To start the rental process, follow these three steps:

  1. Submit a quote request or call our toll-free number.
  2. Review our estimate and articulating lift rental recommendation.
  3. Confirm your rental, and we’ll deliver your lift on the set date and time.

Learn more about our available boom lifts for rent by contacting our expert team.

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