Light Compactor Rental

article-light-compactors-2Are you looking for a high-quality plate compactor or tamper for a temporary or short-term project? Do you need to replace a compactor that is undergoing repairs or out of service? Do you want to bolster your equipment fleet without having to invest in a new purchase? Would you like to try out a new light compactor before making a buying commitment?

A tamper or rammer rental from MacAllister Rentals can provide the perfect solution to meet your needs. MacAllister Rentals has convenient locations throughout Indiana and Michigan, making your compactor rental easily accessible when you need it. Learn which type of light compactor is right for your job.

Plate Compactor PCX400 3710 16″ x 28″ 4.0 195 GS, SC, A, BP
Plate Compactor SF460 4046 18″ x 24″ 5.5 176 GS, SC
Jumping Jack/Rammer RT66 3650 13″ x 11″ 4.0 145 GS, SC, CC
Reversible Plate RPC30/50 6748 20″ x 17″ 5.5 390 GS, SC, CC, BP
Dbl Drum Smooth Roller BRW 650 4500 28″ x 95″ 6.5 1485 GS, SC, A
Pad Foot Trench Roller TR34 Buldog
Plate Compactor WP1550
Jumping Jack/Rammer BS60
Reversible Plate BPU3050
Reversible Plate BPU4045

* Application Codes:

  • GS = Granular Soil
  • SC = Sand & Clay
  • CC = Cohesive Clay
  • A = Asphalt
  • BP = Block Paving

Availability may vary by location – give us a call at (877) 700-1945 or contact us online for details.

Machine specs can vary from model year to model year. Consult the serial plate and/or operators & safety manual for accurate machine specs.

Learn more about Belle Group Compactors, Multiqup Compactors and Wacker Neuson Compactors.

As a Belle Group Dealer, MacAllister Rentals rents some of the very finest light compaction equipment available. We also carry a Multiquip remote control capable pad foot trench roller. Each light compactor provides cost effective, high compaction performance that is based around maximizing the value of your rental. The versatility of the light compactors allows for use in a variety of applications so that all of your project needs are met. Due to our focus on customer safety, we test each piece of equipment for quality so that it will provide the most output while on the job. The professional MacAllister Rental team will work with you to determine what light compactor type and model is best for the needs of your project.

Explore the Various Types of Light Compaction Equipment

Light compactors are agile and versatile machines that are perfect for a variety of crushing, paving, flattening and leveling tasks. You can use these small compactors when working with materials such as clay, asphalt, soil and sand.

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Examples of the extensive MacAllister Rentals small compactor rental inventory include:

  • Jumping jack/rammer rentals: Jumping jacks, also known as rammers, work well for compacting jobs in confined areas inaccessible to larger machines. They provide the high rate of impact required when working with granular materials and soils.
  • Trench roller rentals: Trench rollers are the best choice for compacting backfill for trenches consisting of granular soil. Unlike other types of light compaction equipment, trench rollers are specifically designed and constructed to work within the narrow confines of trenches.
  • Tamper rentals: Tamping rammers deliver maximum performance in the most challenging worksite conditions. They provide exceptional maneuverability when performing backfilling and trench work in confined areas.
  • Plate compactor rentals: Plate compactors offer a reliable solution for compacting asphalt and granular soils.

When Should You Consider a Light Compactor Rental?

A compactor rental from MacAllister Rentals can serve numerous applications for industries such as construction, agriculture and aggregates.  Examples of when renting a tamper or plate compactor would make sense for your company include:

  • Executing temporary highway construction or repair projects that require paving or grade leveling
  • Performing road patching and shoulder repairs
  • Backfilling trenches at construction or building sites
  • Performing various landscaping tasks on residential properties, as well as commercial sites such as golf courses and college campuses
  • Performing precise compaction work around footings and foundations
  • Executing sidewalk repairs
  • Conducting various types of site preparation tasks
  • Constructing bicycle paths, basketball courts, tennis courts and other recreational surfaces

Regardless of your industry or application, you can count on us to provide a late-model, low-hour machine equipped with the most advanced technological features that make it easy to use. You will get a fast, convenient, affordable solution that will help keep your projects on schedule and within budget.

How to Rent a Light Compactor From MacAllister Rentals

You will find MacAllister Rentals locations throughout Indiana and Michigan to serve you, such as Muncie, IN, Wixom, MI, and Terre Haute, IN. Please take a few minutes to review our current light compactor rental inventory to learn more about your available options. If you can’t find the compactor or tamper you’re looking for, let us know, and we’ll be happy to locate it for you. If you need more information or would like to request a quote, just give us a call or fill out and submit our convenient online contact form.

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