Atrium Lift Rental

At MacAllister Rentals, our fleet of atrium lifts for rent include the latest models. That gives you access to new technology, which offers increased safety and productivity. Our crawler lifts have a horizontal outreach of up to 37 feet and platform heights of more than 69 feet.

You’ll find our atrium lifts for rent throughout our Indiana and Michigan locations. Equipment availability does vary by location, so we recommend contacting us for our inventory details and for discussing your rental needs.

Compact Crawler Booms

X550AJ 55′ 21′ 9′ 6″ x 9′ 5″ 14′ 8″ x 2′ 7″ 4′ 10″ x 2′ 7″ 6′ 6″ 4,630
X700AJ 69′ 7″ 37′ 13′ 1″ x 13′ 1″ 19′ 8″ x 3′ 3″ 4′ 10″ x 2′ 7″ 6′ 6″ 6,592


Availability may vary by location – give us a call at (877) 700-1945 or contact us online for details.

Machine specs can change between model years. Review your operators’ and safety manual, as well as serial plate, for accurate equipment specs.

What Is an Atrium Lift?

Atrium or crawler lifts are a type of aerial lift. Atrium lifts can reach higher overhead areas than other lifts. They’re also a common alternative to scaffolding. Contractors and companies use these lifts instead of scaffolding because they’re fast and easy to set up and start working.

Crawler lifts are also lightweight and compact. Because of these two features, they’re useful for indoor and outdoor work, as they can fit through standard doorways and are gentle on flooring and lawns. Their weight and size make it easy to transport them on a trailer or tilt-back truck.

Some atrium lift rental models also have dual power, meaning you can use gas, diesel or electric to operate them. Using their electric engine is ideal when you’re working indoors to reduce emissions.

Other advantages of crawler lifts include:

  • Fork pockets and lift hooks for loading and unloading onto a trailer for transport
  • Adjustable track widths to increase stability while moving
  • Remote drive for guiding a lift through tight hallways and doors
  • Interactive display in the platform for operator convenience

Various contractors and businesses rely on renting a crawler lift to meet their budget and project needs.

Why Rent an Atrium Lift?

Renting an atrium lift is a smart option if your project requires:

  • Cleaning windows of a multi-story building
  • Maintaining or repairing high overhead ceilings
  • Maintaining building exteriors or interiors
  • Fixing roofs

In addition to these tasks, contractors and businesses choose to rent rather than buying because of the following factors:

  • Small operating budgets
  • Limited storage space
  • Short-term or seasonal projects
  • Tasks with work areas that have high heights

For example, a contractor may look for atrium lifts for rent if they’re doing roofing work and don’t have the storage space or time for handling a lift’s maintenance. Plus, they don’t have to worry about the cost of transporting it to and from the site.

Renting is also a simple process with our experienced team at MacAllister Rentals. When you rent an atrium lift from us, we answer all your questions and help you choose a lift that benefits your project the most. We also inspect every lift before it heads out to its work site, so you don’t suffer from project delays.

How to Rent an Atrium Lift

We follow a three-step process at MacAllister Rentals for our atrium lift rentals. These steps are as follows:

  1. Submit our quote request form or call our toll-free number.
  2. Receive and review our estimate and call with any questions.
  3. Schedule a delivery time and provide payment.

If you have questions about our rental process or available fleet inventory at our Indiana and Michigan locations, feel free to contact our unparalleled customer service team for more information. We’re happy to help you and meet your goals.

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