Rental Equipment for Road Construction and Maintenance

road construction equipment rental

Road construction and maintenance requires a variety of specialized equipment. Many different machines and implements are needed to build and maintain our roads. Whether the road surface is asphalt, concrete or even stone, there’s a type of equipment specifically designed for each unique task. No matter what road construction or road maintenance equipment you need, you can be sure MacAllister Rentals will have it available for rent.

It often makes more sense to rent road building equipment than to buy it. Purchasing highway construction equipment ties up a lot of working capital. You must also consider the cost of independently maintaining and repairing your road construction and maintenance equipment.

There are times when it makes sense to purchase machinery outright. If you’re using a particular equipment piece on a regular basis, it might be wise to buy it. Excavators and gravel trucks are good examples of road building equipment that are always in demand. You’ll continually have them on hand, allowing your business to capitalize on a wider variety of jobs. Owning equipment also means you may be able to benefit from taxable deductions.

However, for many businesses, rentals are the top choice. You receive the latest and safest equipment. You may need different equipment for different sites. And you will find other benefits you didn’t imagine.

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Why Rent Equipment for Road Work?

When you need something specialized, like a road reclaimer or wheel tractor scraper, it’s far better value to rent that equipment on a short-, medium- or even long-term contract. You should also rent equipment attachments that you need for a specific task and then won’t use again for the foreseeable future. Concrete saws, cold planers and brooms are good examples of one-time-use equipment rentals that bring you the best return on investment.

rent specialized equipment

Another benefit of renting road building and maintenance equipment from MacAllister Rentals is delivery. You may be tied up on a remote site. You can’t afford to break away and pick up or return equipment. When renting from us, downtime is not an issue as we drop off and pick up equipment at any location.

Another exceptional advantage of renting machinery from us is getting the proven reliability and performance associated with Cat® road construction equipment. MacAllister Rentals rents and services dependable Cat equipment. With Cat, you know you’re getting true value that gets the job done.

Types of Rental Equipment for Road Construction and Maintenance

Not sure what type of equipment you need? Here’s a lineup of road building and maintenance equipment available for you at MacAllister Rentals.


Backhoes are one of road building’s most versatile machines. They have a loading bucket on one end and a trenching bucket on the other. Backhoes take on any digging, trenching and backfilling project you can imagine. With rubber tires, backhoes quickly maneuver about a site much faster than tracked machinery.

rent cat backhoes

Today’s modern backhoes are computerized machines that easily level and operate by joystick technology. Cat backhoes are operator-friendly with ergonomic controls, comfortable cabs and limited noise emission. You receive unlimited visibility with 360-degree view portals, making them safe for the operator as well as those working nearby.

Backhoes are also easily adaptable to tool attachments. This makes them even more versatile for road construction and maintenance. MacAllister Rentals has a fleet of low-hour, well-maintained backhoes for rent in Michigan and Indiana.


For sheer power and earthmoving ability, nothing beats a bulldozer in the road building world. Bulldozers have been a Cat staple since MacAllister Machinery opened in 1945. Today, Cat bulldozers still give exceptional performance under the most demanding conditions.

Cat bulldozers operate on tracks and distribute their weight over a remarkably light footprint, given the machinery’s total weight. Bulldozers plow through wet, mucky conditions and perform cutting, grading, sloping and filling operations without slowing down. Like backhoes, modern Cat bulldozers employ high-technology controls and ride systems.

Operator comfort and safety remain high priorities with our rental bulldozers. Durability and reliability are also important. We maintain every machine in top condition. The most popular bulldozer choices at MacAllister Rentals include:

  • D3 and D3LGP: These are smaller dozers with 73 horsepower and weigh 17,185 pounds and 17,842 pounds.
  • D4 and D4LGP: Both dozers are mid-sized with 84 horsepower and weigh 17,961 pounds and 18,742 pounds.
  • D5 and D5LGP: These are MacAllister Rentals’ largest rental bulldozers at 96 horsepower and weighing 20,741 pounds and 21,347 pounds.

Compactors and Rollers

You might not need road building compactors and rollers every day. But when you do, these heavy-duty equipment pieces are invaluable. MacAllister Rentals delivers a rental compactor or road roller exactly when you require it and precisely where you need it. There’s no delay in delivery. You don’t pay for it any longer than you keep it in use.

asphalt compactor rental

At MacAllister Rentals, we carry a full line of assorted compactors and rollers. We stock light, medium and heavy pressure road building machines to suit every ground condition, such as soil compaction and asphalt. We provide Cat brand compacting equipment, so you know you will receive reliable performance and exceptional value.

Our compactors and roller selection includes vibratory, padfoot and double drum designs. This cross-section allows you to choose the exact weight and compaction rate you need to meet geotechnical testing and road building engineering specifications. MacAllister Rentals’ most popular compactor and roller rentals include:

  • vibratory, single drum compactors
  • padfoot compactors
  • double drum asphalt rollers


Every road building project can use an excavator. Earthmoving excavators are highly versatile, safe and relatively easy to operate. Choosing the right excavator for the job can prove challenging for road builders and highway maintainers.

Excavators come in a wide size and power range. They lend well to equipment attachments and perform tasks like trenching, bailing, loading and grading. You have options in locomotion with excavators as well. Most Cat excavators from MacAllister Rentals are tracked, but we do handle wheeled excavators when you need the right application.

MacAllister Rentals keeps a range of excavator sizes and power ratings in our rental inventory. These Cat brand machines are renowned for top performance and economical operation. Here are your excavator design choices from MacAllister Rentals:

  • Standard hydraulic excavators for general purpose work
  • Close radius hydraulic excavators for tight spaces
  • Long reach hydraulic excavators for extended work
  • Mini hydraulic excavators for small and delicate jobs
  • Electric mini excavators for enclosed spaces

Motor Graders

Most road building or maintaining operations have one or more motor graders. They are essential for road construction and maintaining. They have sophisticated blade adjustments for rough work and fine detailing, and they are wonderfully adaptable to tool attachments.

motor grader rental

There are many makes, models and sizes of motor graders on today’s market. MacAllister Rentals has 5 Cat brand motor graders ranging from 145 to 259 horsepower and in weights from 39,892 pounds up to 53,738 pounds.

The NORAM 65E Series motor grader is one of the best and most versatile graders out there. The NORAM 65E motor grader performs under any conditions. There is no road building or maintaining task the NORAM 65E motor grader can’t handle. For that reason, MacAllister Rentals highly recommends this grader choice.

Skid Steer Loaders

MacAllister Rentals offers a full line of Cat skid steer loaders. We handle all sizes and power ratings. We can match you with exactly the right skid steer loader for your job. We save you money by renting you a machine that’s the right size to do the work, not too big and not too small.

right skid loader

At MacAllister Rentals, we also know your machinery requirements change as your project progresses. If you find you need a different size loader, we can help you get a different model depending on your current needs. We also stock a huge range of skid steer attachments so we can outfit you with specialized tools.

Like all road building equipment at MacAllister Rentals, our Cat and Vermeer brand skid steers stay in top condition. You know you’re getting dependable equipment that operates flawlessly. Your only issue will be which skid steer to choose:

  • S450TX: This small skid steer from Vermeer has 25 horsepower with an operating capacity of 500 pounds.
  • 226B: The slightly larger 226B has 57 horsepower and rates at 1,500 pounds.
  • 236B: At 71 horsepower and 1,750 pounds, this is a mid-range machine.
  • 256 High Flow: This is an upper range skid steer with 82 horsepower and a 2,350-pound capacity.
  • 262B: This big machine has slightly less horsepower at 78, but it has a 2700 pound load capacity.

Compact Track Loaders

Some road building and maintenance sites don’t lend well to rubber-tired skid steers. Conditions like mud, snow and soft ground require less weight distribution across a machine’s footprint. That’s where compact track loaders come in.

MacAllister Rentals knows these workhorses have their place on your project. We handle low-hour and premium maintained compact track loaders you can depend on under all conditions.

Cat track loaders are available for short-, medium- and long-term rental contracts. We tailor our rates to serve your interests. We’re flexible regarding delivery times and returns, so you have your Cat compact track loader for only as long as you need the equipment. Here are two compact track loaders available through MacAllister Rentals:

  • 939C Hystat: This Cat track loader has 90 horsepower with a 1.5 cubic yard bucket capacity.
  • 953D: This is a larger compact track loader with 148 horsepower and a 2.42 cubic yard bucket.

Equipment Attachments

We rent a huge assortment of equipment attachments. We will have exactly the right attachment for your road building or maintaining task. If you have a problem or are not sure what to use, call our service representatives. We’ll find the solution and outfit you with the right equipment attachments.

attachment rentals

We also call equipment attachments work tools. Our work tool rental department is full of options. Once you describe your job site challenge, our knowledgeable customer support staff will find you the right work tool. Here are some of the equipment attachments MacAllister Rentals rents out:

  • Angle Blades
  • Augers
  • Brooms
  • Buckets
  • Brush Hogs
  • Cold Planers
  • Concrete Saws
  • Harley Rakes
  • Grader Boxes
  • Grapple Buckets
  • Hammers
  • Pallet Forks
  • Power Box Rakes
  • Pulverizes
  • Trenchers
  • Vibratory Drum Compactors

Water Trucks

Dry summer conditions inevitably lead to dust on road building sites. You can always hope for rain. But most road building contractors opt for water trucks to spray the area and keep the dust down. Water trucks provide excellent insurance when you work in fire season. You really can’t be without a water truck.

However, water trucks are seasonable equipment pieces. They’re rarely used all year long, especially in America’s cold-weather regions like Indiana and Michigan. It makes far more sense to save your working capital and rent a water truck when you actually need one.

MacAllister Rentals offers cost-effective and convenient water truck rental options. Our service representatives will be happy to discuss your job requirements and prepare a quote. We have late-model and low-hour trucks with these two water tank capacities:

  • 2,000 gallons
  • 4,000 gallons

Air Compressors

There may be a time in your road building or maintenance project where you’ll require an air compressor. Nothing beats compressed air for power when running rock drillers, jackhammers or other equipment. Purchasing an air compressor for a single job might be poor economics for most road construction contractors. That’s where MacAllister Rentals can help.

rent air compressors

We rent Sullair portable air compressors. Sullair air compressor products are nationally known for exceptional strength and durability. All Sullair compressors from MacAllister Rentals are trailer mounted and towable. We deliver them to your site and ensure they’re properly maintained and ready to start work.

We size your compressor to the tool type. We make sure your compressor is big enough to power your construction equipment. We won’t let you pay for a compressor that’s over-powered and too large. Here are the four Sullair air compressors available from MacAllister Rentals:

  • Model 185: This model has a 185 CFM capacity with 80-125 PSI pressure.
  • Model 375: This is a stronger compressor with 375 CFM rating and 80-125 PSI pressure.
  • Model 750: If you need 750 CFM in capacity and 80-125 PSI, this model is perfect.
  • Model 1600: This is our largest Sullair air compressor with 1,600 CFM in capacity and 80-125 PSI pressure.


If you’ve got an air compressor on your work site, you’ll likely need a jackhammer to go along with it. And if it’s just a quick or one-off job, there’s no need for you to make an expensive jackhammer purchase. It’s far cheaper, and way easier, to rent a jackhammer from MacAllister Rentals.

All jackhammers at MacAllister Rentals are in our inventory stock. We have on-demand jackhammers that we immediately ship or deliver to your workplace. Each jackhammer is in excellent condition, and we make sure it’s ready to go. We also supply a number of jackhammer attachments, like chisels and point bits.

Sizing a rental jackhammer is the key to successful performance. Like we do with all our other rental equipment, we make sure you have the right-sized jackhammer for your purpose. We also find you the right type of jackhammer. Here are the jackhammer options you have with MacAllister Rentals:

  • Hand-held jackhammers
  • Electric-powered jackhammers
  • 60-pound jackhammers

MacAllister Heavy Equipment Rentals

At MacAllister Rentals, we’ve built our reputation on delivering excellent equipment and providing stellar customer service. We’re a leader in both equipment rentals and attention to our clients’ needs. That includes rentals ranging from small construction machinery up to heavy equipment rentals.

heavy equipment rentals

To serve our valued clients as best as we can, we’ve developed a rental department that focuses on heavy equipment rentals. We offer our clients a wide option range to serve their road building and equipment maintenance needs. If renting rather than buying road construction equipment is your best solution, MacAllister Machinery’s Heavy Rental group is here to help.

Heavy Equipment Rentals gives you short-term and long-term rental agreements. We also provide monthly rental arrangements to help you forecast budgets. Or you can inquire about our rental purchase options. Call MacAllister Rentals today and ask for our heavy equipment department.

Part of our high-technology advancement is implementing a dual-mast GPS system via Cat integrated technology. This system from SITECH allows computerized monitoring and tracking of our heavy equipment rental fleet. It enables us to best serve our clients in this digital world.

Three of the most in-demand heavy equipment rental pieces are wheel tractor scrapers, road reclaimers and asphalt laying machinery. Because of the high demand, we keep an inventory of top-quality heavy equipment. Here’s a quick look at the three top heavy equipment road building machines at MacAllister Rentals:

1. Wheel Tractor Scrapers

For big road building projects, nothing outperforms earthmoving tasks like Cat wheel tractor scrapers. These powerful machines scrape material from the ground and transport them to the roadbed. Then the tractor scrapers evenly spread the material, so there’s little leveling left to be done by dozing or grading.

2. Road Reclaimers

Cat road reclaimers are tremendous breakthroughs for economic road building and maintenance. These machines look like graders with the blade removed and replaced by an asphalt cutting and recycling attachment. Road reclaimers are big, purposeful pieces of heavy equipment. They reduce road building costs by recycling valuable asphalt.

3. Asphalt Equipment

MacAllister offers you a great assortment of asphalt equipment. We have the right-sized machines for any asphalt laying job. Our Cat AP255E and AP1055F pavers are popular. So is our excellent line of Weiler™ asphalt-laying equipment.

Contact MacAllister Rentals for All Your Road Building and Maintenance Equipment

For over 70 years, we’ve helped businesses like yours grow. Our goal is to supply you with top-quality equipment to make your job as easy and profitable as possible. MacAllister Rentals serves all of Indiana and Michigan and remains accessible 24/7/365 to make sure your projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We’re an authorized Cat dealership for our region. We can meet all your road building and maintenance needs, with over 300 different Cat brand equipment models. That includes a full rental line as wells as offering new and used Cat machinery.

When you rent from MacAllister Rentals, you gain a lot of benefits. Besides our experience and dedication to the road construction industry and the heavy duty equipment market, we provide bonuses to building a relationship with MacAllister Rentals. The advantages of renting road building and maintenance equipment from us include:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term contracts
  • Impressive equipment selection from leading manufacturers like Cat
  • Wide range of low-hour, top-maintained equipment
  • Pressureless customer service with excellent product knowledge and support
  • First-class availability, fast delivery and easy ordering
  • Convenient locations throughout Indiana and Michigan

MacAllister Rentals is your one and only stop for all your road building and maintenance needs. Call MacAllister Rentals today and talk with a customer service representative. Or request a rental quote today.

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