Chapter 3: Personnel Lifts

The standard personnel lift is designed for one individual, a basic set of tools and limited materials. For this reason, it is often referred to as a “man lift.”

Larger working platforms can accommodate two or three workers, but jobs requiring more people are typically better served with a different type of lift.

Personnel Lift Features

Average dimensions of a personnel lift are around 35 inches by 29.5 inches, but larger ones can range from two to three feet wide. Personnel lifts can reach heights between 15 and 50 feet and are battery-powered.

Specialty Uses of Personnel Lifts

Personnel lifts are often used in warehouses, indoor construction sites, compact spaces and for maintenance work and renovations. It is common to use man lifts for electrical work above floor levels.

personnel lift usage

What to Consider About Personnel Lifts

When looking to rent personnel lifts, it’s important to consider the maximum working height. If you need to fit more than one worker in your personnel lift rental, you’ll want to consider the size of the platform.

What Are the Benefits of Personnel Lifts?

The main benefit of renting a personnel lift is its maneuverability and ease of transport. Personnel lifts can also be set up by a single person and are light-weight.

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